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June 16, 2011

Erevanshi – (In Yerevan)

Dianne and I sit overlooking Lake Sevan. Plus I'm on the phone with Faith.

Dianne and I sit overlooking Lake Sevan. And ha, this is also when I'm talking to Faith on the phone.

I really wanted to post about Armenia around the time that I went (middle of May) but I was slow on the draw. Now school is over (!!!). But I’m still going to go back to it.

I was able to meet a group (Linda and Dianne Fuller and some other old friends) from the Fuller Center (where I was working prior to Sakartvelo) in Armenia for a day and follow them around with a camera while they toured the work FCH is doing there to attempt to eliminate the poverty housing that an earthquake contributed to many years ago.

It was so much fun! I even managed to piece a video together. I reconfirmed that it’s better for my self-worth to do things I feel somewhat skilled, or at least trained, in. Even though I was rushed and rusty, I felt more competent doing that work than I ever do teaching. Plus, it was such an unexpectedly comforting thing to see people from my previous life show up in this one.

Here’s the video if you want to see it: