Visiting Matte’s Village

Matte in front of his house.

(As usual I wrote this awhile back. I don’t know why I confess, it’s not like any of you would know.)

My friend Mark and I surprised Matte one Saturday by showing up in his village. It was one of my favorite Georgian experiences so far, I think. We were able to meet his family and see inside another Georgian village/home/community. We caused quite a stir in the village when we tripled the Amerikeli population of Meshvidi District Village. We turned down at least five invitations to ‘shemodi sakhlshi’ come inside.

Matte's host cousin.

Mark and I realized the “surprise” visit might not have been the best idea when Matt’s host mom had to leave a memorial service (they have services on the anniversary of deaths here, so this was something like the third anniversary of a relative’s death) early to come home and cook us a feast. Whoops. But it was delicious. Despite that, his family was very excited to have us. Or they appeared to be.

His cousins gave us a tour of the village and we found a natural waterfall and a man living amongst the trees (see photo of Mark with said man below).

Matthew (Georgian name = Matte) is one of the few TLGers I know living with a Muslim family. He says the kids all want to convert to Christianity because Georgia is something like 95 percent Georgian Orthodox Christian, so they don’t like feeling different. Oh, peer pressure.



Matte and his cousin enjoy the view.

Mark and random dude who has an... open-air abode up in the mountains.

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