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May 22, 2011

Construction and school’s end

This is post-demonstrative lesson. We survived!

It’s been awhile! Life happens, I guess. Here are a few highlights in mine.

My coteacher and I gave a “demonstrative lesson” that other teachers were invited to attend. It was exceedingly difficult to plan with the language/cultural-understanding barrier, but we finally got it done and it’s been a huge relief for me. The next three weeks should be a breeze.


Well, they also want me to plan some sort of school finishing program in English, so maybe not. I’m not going to think about that right now.

My home is under serious construction. The kitchen has been moved into the garage and an outdoor building once used for storage now has a shower in it.

One whole wall came up as well as the floor. These are the remains.

Every single day since construction began about 10 men have been here working from 8:30 a.m. til sometimes 12:30 at night. I would have predicted such an experience to be incredibly stress-inducing. Especially for the women in the house (their role is to feed the men, which in Georgia means about five times a day). But remarkably, so far everyone seems very happy and excited.

The best part for me has been that Maia’s crib joined me above the garage for certain afternoons when it’s too loud for her to sleep in the house. And sometimes we hang out. Maia doesn’t judge my poor Georgian, so let’s just say it can be the best communication I get all day.

There’s some holiday this week and then I have a full week of school before final exams begin. Then school will be done and I will have to say goodbye to my strangely interesting life here.

A recent night on the beach with friends. Under this statue that's very famous to Batumi.

May 22, 2011

Ohhh, Iraqli!

(Written awhile back…)

One fourth grader, Iraqli, has something for me pretty much every time I’m in his class. The best/worst part is that he’s usually working on it during class. My co-teacher, Tamara, has started to intercept, like a responsible teacher should, trying to get him to stay on task. She throws her hands up and makes a Georgian sound, clicking her tongue and groaning – Ohh, Iraqli!

(There have been others, stickers and things, one that says “Me miqkhvars Iraqli”, I just didn’t take photos…)