Andrew's Descent in Kiev.

I have so many things to blog about and so little internet time. Quickly, I want to share some photos from my recent travels.

For spring break, chemi megobrebi da me mivdivart Ukrainshi. (My friends and I went to Ukraine.) We took a boat across the Black Sea, spent a few days in Odessa and a few in Kiev. We also toured Chernobyl. More on that later.

Jenny is the gal in the pink sweater. She likes to go by Jenny from the Block. Elyse is from Detroit and actually, she and I have been in this together the longest–I met her in the airport in Detroit way back in January. Mark lives near me in Batumi and was recently featured on Rustavi 2‘s evening news for his fine teaching skills. Perhaps you were able to catch it.

We left Batumi April 25 and stepped off the boat (nearly 12 hours after anticipated) on Wednesday around noon. But trust me, the boat was as good as Andy Samberg depicts it to be.

We stayed at a hostel there and checked out Odessa’s stairs and bridges (got a photo for you, Ryan) before taking the night train to Kiev. We were struck by the diversity we found in Ukraine. And honestly, my favorite part was being able to walk around largely unnoticed. In fact, I was repeatedly spoken to in Russian or Ukrainian. No one ever thinks I’m Georgian.

Goodbye Batumi!

The kid on the right we named Norway because we're ignorant Americans who can't remember difficult Norwegian names. He was the only other non-Georgian/Ukrainian aboard the ship. He joined our group for a few days.

We were so glad to be somewhere that we could safely walk in the middle of the road.

Hello Odessa!


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