They surprised me with lunch. Tchame!

Have I mentioned that when cognates are Georgianized an ‘i’ is added to the end of the word? So, laptop is laptopi. And boulevard is boulevardi. Etc. It’s strangely entertaining.*

Anyhow, my students have been begging to take me on an excursioni to a church being built at the top of our village.

The weather was finally good enough that we could go a week or two ago.

We lollygagged our way to the top. Suddenly everyone was gathering around a large rock and pulling random snacks and cold khechapuri out of their purses and bags and preparing “lunch.” Someone even managed a two-liter of Coca-Cola. I was surprised, but food is central to any Georgian activity, so I recovered quickly.

And I’ve finally purchased myself a card-reader so I shouldn’t have trouble with photo accessibility anymore. Take a look.

*Also, all names must end in a vowel, and most often that’s an ‘i’ (US eee sound). So, all the men sound like their being called by their mother. Matty, Pauly, Jonny, etc.



This is Sopho and Malva (L to R). Sopho is a freaking superstar student.

The view of Batumi from the top of my village.



One Comment to “Excursioni!”

  1. It truly looks like the students love you and am I one bit surprised?:) They do lovely art work and it would be too bad if you could not bring it home with you. I hear that you are traveling in the Ukraine right now. I will look forward to hearing about that. I hope you are having a great time, and Happy Easter, BTW. Love, Nancy

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