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March 21, 2011

Trabzon, Turkey

(Again, this is from like…March 7ish.)

Matthew, Peter (TLGers who came with my group on Jan. 15 – Group 10) and I were lucky enough to run into some “old” TLGers (Group 2) just in time to hop aboard their weekend trip to Trabzon, Turkey.

It was phenomenal. We took a bus along the Black Sea for a few hours and stepped off to find ourselves in a whole new world. Well, mostly. I still stuck out like a sore thumb on account of my not-dark hair/eyes and clothes with color. But in this city we were ready to own our tourist status, so problem ara!

We walked and photographed and ate dolma, baklava, olives, Turkish delight, bread, cheese, sausage, fresh fruit, and we even found some ice cream. We drank Turkish chai, juice and milk. We saw some bazaaris and I found myself some pretty awesome boots. It was an attempt to blend in a bit better, but my traveling companions informed me that will never happen. Whatevs.

Tomorrow and Tuesday are off of school on account of International Women’s Day. It still confuses me when cultures where a wife can be openly referred to as “my friend and maid” have a national holiday for women and the majority of the U.S. hardly could tell you which date the holiday falls on.

You should all go to Turkey if you get the chance. On the bus ride back a group of young fellows busted out their English and shared their Turkish milk (they were pouring from a carton into plastic cups) with us. And later the bus driver treated us to some chai. Are we so welcoming in America? Well, it’s an attitude I hope I get to reciprocate many times when I return.