Amiko turns six – Now he’s a katsi (man)

Yes, that is the pig's head. Yes, I ate that pig's brains.

(I wrote this a few weeks ago and am just posting it now…)

Maia’s brother Amiko turned six years old over the weekend. In Georgia, that means all the relatives come to town for a big feast—the traditional suphra.

As a peskily consistent figure in the home, I was of course welcomed to the table. It was quite the experience. You can see in the picture some of the food that I ate. But more and more food came out as the night progressed. And at some point I ate some of that poor piggy’s brains.

Amiko and his friends had their own mini suphra, complete with Georgian toasts. But their feast was limited to khachapuri and French fries.

During the evening I met a lot of new family members. I also found two Georgian men willing to marry me. Well, they found me. I hope that I effectively declined, but my communication success rate is pretty low here. Time will tell…

We’ve been eating leftovers a million times a day ever since the feast and it seems like different family members stop by each time the food comes out to help finish it off.

Before the feast...

...and after.


3 Comments to “Amiko turns six – Now he’s a katsi (man)”

  1. I’m hopeful you are engaged to both men and an epic, “romantic comedy”-esque, moment of having to choose will ensue!

  2. so glad CocaCola and Fanta make it to the traditional Georgian feast…

  3. I *told* you not to get engaged over there!

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