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February 28, 2011

Sachmeli – food

This is the kind of khechapuri that comes from Adjara - the region I'm in. It's a bread bowl of butter and cheese with a raw egg thrown in for good measure.

I won’t deny there’s delicious food here. And I’ll be implementing a strict diet immediately upon my return. But for now…

If I’m buying my own food in the States, yes, I can be fairly picky. But as a general rule, I eat what’s placed in front of me. Somehow, someone else putting the effort into cooking makes food more delicious, too.

But ohh the things I’ve eaten here. Pig brain, pig feet, miscellaneous gelatinous cow parts…

We eat bread and jams and salami and cheese for breakfast with tea each morning. After classes I eat in the dining hall at school. I have a meal of soup and some other major grain or pasta or potato dish. Sometimes fish. There is a basket of bread at every meal. It’s usually held in your hand through the whole meal, almost like a utensil, for dipping and scooping.

When I get home, depending on…well I haven’t quite figured out what determines this yet, but there might be another similar meal.

And pretty much without fail there’s another tea time around 11 p.m. or later. It also involves bread and cheese and meat. And if I’m lucky, more jam. Jam is by far my favorite Georgian food right now. All of the food is local, too. And most of it is made by the women in the house. Gemrielia!

This is what happens when you order a Ceasar Salad.

This is 'chai' time. Evening tea. With meat and bread and cheese and if I'm lucky, jam.