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February 21, 2011

Lunch Room

My main man…

One of my favorite Georgians so far is Aleksander—one of the two cooks at the school’s dining hall. (So he’s only around every other week.) Every time he sees me he shouts something, waves his arms and salutes me. And he’s taken to bringing me special snacks. He even cooked me an extravagant meal the second week he worked. And he and I have toasts together a few times a week.

My co-teacher told me that he was once married with five children. Three of the children and his wife were killed in an electrical fire in their own home. I’m finding that almost everyone in Georgia has a story of loss, if I get the chance to hear it. But knowing Ali, this one breaks my heart.

And another man, too…

The woman with the qkhava cup is on Ali’s kitchen team. She’s also very sweet to me, and one morning she saw me playing with the dregs of ground coffee left in my cup and asked if I wanted my fortune read. Um, of course I did.

The good news is, I’m going to marry a bicho kartveli kargi (good Georgian boy) who is very strong. He’s going to take me to his home in the mountains and we’re going to be in love and live a wonderful life together. But. My mother will cry because I will not come home. (Sorry, Mom.)

So, once I meet es bicho kargi, I’ll let you know when the wedding is.

(Lots and lots of Georgians have already told me that when I fall in love with a nice Georgian boy I will not leave Georgia. Weird, how they all seem to know my future…)