Some surroundings

Some more photos…

My host-father Amiran and his daughter-in-law (/host sister) Manana in front of what they told me was the president's home. But the president lives in Tbilisi, so I'm not really sure...

Amiran and Manana and Tamila shopping for a fur coat. Tamila speaks a bit of English so they brought her along to help me shop. I bought a turtle neck because I was not, apparently, dressed appropriately for the cold.

This is what I see from my bedroom window. Note the young mandarin trees growing (Dad).

This is my laundry. Basically all the clothes I brought to Georgia. Well, minus a few skirts. Clearly, way too many colors.


One Comment to “Some surroundings”

  1. Hurray for pictures! Soon you’ll have us guessing whose shoes are whose so we can win the link to some ridiculous video…

    But I’m curious about the very muted colors on all their clothing. Has that always been their tradition or is it a holdover from Communist times? Or a reaction against Communist red? Help remove my ignorance.

    But more importantly: glad to hear you’re off to a decent start! Things will probably just get better and better.

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