The photo version

Interesting thing happened–I found a cord in my family’s computer drawer and it seemed to fit my camera. It’s got a lot of tape on it…like maybe it was broken and reconnected at some point. It took a few tries and a lot of wiggling, but I got some photos. Enjoy.

This is what I see walking home from school into my driveway.

(L to R) My host mother, myself and co-English teacher in front of my school. Yeah, a pink coat in this culture was the wrong choice. But, let's face it, I'll stick out no matter what.

My host mother graciously allowed me to assist her while making the famed Georgian cheesybread- ketchapuri.

And this is the finished product. My host brother, Amiko, helped eat it.


2 Comments to “The photo version”

  1. Kelli, You look very beautiful in these pictures and who cares if you have pink:). I bet they are all jealous of you. It sounds like such an interesting place to be and the food looks so yummy. I know the language barrier has to be frustrating. I remember how that felt when I first got to Europe. Just have yourself the greatest of times. So good to see you on here and to hear about all that you are doing!

    Love, Nancy

    • Thanks Nancy! I will sure try. You may or may not be glad to know I look like a Georgian today. My mom keeps insisting I wear new articles of clothing to keep warm. So I’m pretty much black from head to toe with Georgian sweaters.

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