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January 21, 2011

Southwest Georgia to Southwest Georgia

TbilisiI’ve joined 74 other volunteers in the capital of Georgia, T’bilisi. Forty-four are from the States, and the rest are from other English speaking countries: Canada, England, Scotland, Australia, South Africa and Ireland…I think that’s it. Plus, there are a handful of Italian teachers who I commend for learning Georgian (rumored to be the 4th hardest language to learn–though obviously that stat is impossible to prove) in English–which is their second, if not third or fourth language. We’re all struggling through together though, and we’re enjoying ourselves, and each other.

We’ve successfully hit the town this week, I think. Georgians celebrate Christmas Jan. 7 and keep beautiful Christmas decorations up until the 19th, so I tried to take some pictures of those. I have a new camera though and haven’t quite figured out the nighttime setting.

So I’ve just been told I’ll be going to a village south of Batumi along the West coast. Right along the Black Sea and very near Turkey. I would have been pleased with a lot of placements, but I feel particularly good about this.

We head West tomorrow with our families. Today we learned how to use the bank. Very important. Ooh, we also met with reps from the U.S. embassy. That made me feel important. But I am also hopeful that I will never have to make use of that resource.

More once I’m in the village! If I have access to the internet!

Some neat site in Tbilisi.